Design Beijing 2020|Exhibitor recruitment of 2020 Design Beijing has been fully launched



The 6th Design Beijing Exposition will begin from the 24th of June to the 27th of June, at the Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center in 2020. With the theme of “DESIGN THERAPY”, we are hoping to utilize the  healing power of excellent design works to conduct more powerful surroundings for everyday life.

 Centering on the theme of the exposition, we will launch several special projects including “Design Incubation”, “International Transboundary Cooperation”, “Country of Guest of Honor”, “Diversified Asian Platforms”, “Design in Art, Art in Design”, “Design Beijing Post-Season Exhibition” and “Traditions in the Contemporary World” for the purpose of breaking the shackles of the stereotypical concepts, and complete more attempts with breakthroughs. In such a way, encourage more effective cooperation between brands, institutions, platforms and designers in the industry. 

At the current stage, exhibitor recruitment of 2020 Design Beijing has been fully launched. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the participators who have always been involved and supportive towards us. Meanwhile, we are looking forward to encountering more newly-joined participators. At the preparatory stage of the 6th session of Design Beijing, we would like to earnestly invite excellent global design brands, promotional platforms, designers and institutions, to join us and to witness the development of Design Beijing, as well as the prosperity of Asian design together!

Design Beijing Executive Committee

September  2019