Event Information

Special Project 1 : Public Art

Design Beijing has invited four renowned artists - David Han, Ren Zhe, Wen Gao and Yang Tao - who will use large-scale art installations to create a new sensory experience in the outdoor plaza of Hall 1.Taking art design as the temperament link of the entire place, we have tried our best to explore the multiple possibilities of outdoor space, and break the single space boundary of the art works visit , so as to offer an opener and freer place, and create a more enthusiastic art and design atmosphere for the public.



Special Project 2: Perfect World

Art Museum DA is a dedicated LED display space for new media. "Perfect World" is a digital space created by the fusion of art and science, fashion, furniture, video, and music, and the combination of art and cutting-edge science in the fourth industry era. In the octagonal pavilion of Hall 1, a 3D multimedia show is brought to the audience to present more sensory experiences and create a dreamy space.

Special Project 3: Nature's Ballerina

Serip, a traditional Portuguese brand with a half-century history, created a lighting art space for Design Beijing at Hall One, bringing pure hand-made lighting art. The lighting works in this exhibition are inspired by the Portuguese soul and dramatic shadow and light games. This wonderful swallow-shaped lighting called "Hirundo Rustica" shows a spectacular ballet, and they portray the sky like a ballerina. Their funnel-shaped body is also a symbol of Portugal, which transforms the soul of SERIP in movement and shape. At the same time, this exhibition is perfectly integrated with the flower art works of the flower art artist Lin Xiaohui, the most contemporary and internationally influential ikebana genre, creating a natural space that echoes flowers and lights.

Special Project 4 : Nature, Fashion, Technology

2021 Design Beijing Fair takes nature as its backbone and uses technology as its forerunner, joining forces with Kusatsuki Ryu Hanamichi artist Sensei Lin Xiaohui, Anjin Jewellery, Eno-Andong, Photonic Crystal Technology and to create a cross-border exhibition. Nature, fashion and technology exchange collide, plants save anxiety, fashion is changing and unchanging, and technology changes the future. Designs find eternity among the ever-changing life and discover the landscape that belongs to each season.

Special Project 5: Traditional,Couture,Culture

2021 Design Beijing adheres to the concept of promoting China's oriental aesthetics by inviting Laurence Xu, a renowned Chinese couture brand, to present a series of Dunhuang fashion exhibitions. The oriental clothes make people travel back and forth to the desert grottoes, touching the dappled and dazzling history of the past, allowing the silk culture and Dunhuang art to collide, highlighting the Chinese style and national style.


Special Project 6: IP Photo Check-in Area

Every moment is worthy of being remembered and treasured. In order to create a better atmosphere for participation, the Expo this year will set up an IP photo check-in area. The organizing committee will arrange for exclusive photographers to follow and shoot the artists, collectors, fashion KOLs, and the media, and live broadcast the photos taken. Every friend present will leave their photos or videos here, which can also be downloaded in real time for social media posting.