Event Information

Special Projects 1 D'strict-Live Façade

Korea's well-known digital art company D'strict is committed to combining technology and art together, bringing a 3D multimedia show-Live Façade to the octagonal pavilion in Hall 1. Designed with the theme of "Seeking Lost Souls", using video art to present a compelling visual board, bringing more visual experiences to the audiences, combining technology and art to create a dream environment, redefining the infinite possibilities between design and technology.



Special Projects 2 Designer's Chair

The ambassador of intangible cultural heritage project- Jinrong Yang exhibits his traditional Chinese furniture, round- backed armchair. At the same time, Design Beijing showcases four Japanese designers' chairs,designed for a more comfortable lifestyle. As well as, the famous S Chair designed by Tom Dixon, provided by Cappellini. To commemorate Alessandro Mendini's recent passing, Design Beijing dedicated to him a "Alessandro Mendini:Retrospective Exhibition" in the Designer's Chair project. Showcases his representative work-Proust Chair, and his design manuscripts. As part of the retrospective exhibition, the film-I wanted to be Walt Disney will also be displayed in Hall 5's forum area.



Special Projects 3 Architect's Design for Overselves

PechaKuchaBeijing invited six outstanding architects with different nationalities-Santi Musmeci from Italy, Carlos R. Gomez from Spain, Christian Taeubert from Germany, Liu Yu from China, DH Jung from Korea, and Deguchi Tsutomu from Japan-bringing a transboundary exhibition with the theme of "Design for Ourselves", creating six interactional architectural space for the audiences, which all present more possibilities for the living space while leaving room for imagination.  


Special Projects 4 Intangible Cultural Heritage

As the capital of China, Beijing is an essential area for inheriting traditional Chinese culture. As a reflection of the city's habitude, Design Beijing created an "Intangible Cultural Heritage" project. In Hall 1, Chuan+ brings the signature products of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, such as gold mounted jade, blue calico, and porcelain, etc. Design Beijing aims to exhibit the city's rich history and legacy through this special project. 


Special Projects 5 Floral Luminous Design

Founded in 1961, Serip creates a luminous space for Design Beijing, bringing traditional craftsmanship from Lisbon. Every piece of the exhibited works is a lighting sculpture, hand- made by craftsmen from Portugal. The inspiration of this exhibition is derived from the natural forms of trees and flowers, uses precious materials such as bronze, glass, and crystal, transferring lighting devices into art installations. Together with Floral CHINA's fresh floral design, created a space which echoes nature and glamour at the same time.


Special Projects 6 Art · Fashion · Design

The renowned fashion art curator Yue Lv, Yan Gao and Xun Liu created the first special fashion exhibition for Design Beijing, presented in Hall 5. Showcasing both classic and trendy fashion styles, design veteran and young designers exhibit their collections together. Incorporating the elements of traditional and modern inspirations, aiming to refresh audiences' perception of fashion. Meanwhile, this exhibition also launches the new "Fashion Pavilion" for the 2020 edition of Design Beijing.


Special Projects 7 Film Screening: I wanted to be Walt Disney

He wanted to be Walt Disney and he became Alessandro Mendini. This film is Francesca Molteni's homage to the legendary designer and architect-Alessandro Mendini, who passed away in February 2019. Design Beijing have had in- depth collaboration with Mr. Mendini in 2016, in order to commemorate him, the film I Wanted to be Walt Disney will be played in rotation at the forum area in Hall 5. Within a short 35 minutes, the director Molteni perfectly captured one of the most brilliant minds of all time. She showcased Mendini's playful, utopian and fairy tale like vision, just like the name of the film suggested, he wanted to be Walt Disney.



Special Projects 8 Magic Cube

Magic Cube is a immersive installation art space created by Samsung and Design Beijing.



Special Projects 9 COL.L.AGE+

This year, COL.L.AGE+ Studio brought their marvelous video art into Design Beijing. This has been the 3rd time that COL.L.AGE work with Design Beijing.